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Dezega is one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing of breathing equipment with a closed-circuit. In India several mines and industries have been successfully using their products for years. http://www.dezega.com/


Global LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) is a global manufacturer of industrial LED lighting solutions, committed to developing and supplying high quality LED lighting products purpose built for mining, tunneling, oil & gas and other industrial applications that require little or no maintenance, easy to install, re-usable whilst improving safety and productivity. http://www.glls.global/


Zefon International is a manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health, and safety conditions. With their best in class products they have been an ever growing presence in the Indian and Global market. https://www.zefon.com/


For more than 40 years Elvex has been a major global player in PPE and their products have been used by millions.We supply Elvex face, eye, and hearing protection products. Providing our clients with superior quality equipment in said areas. https://www.elvex.com/en/


Wattrix's mining division (WTX Mining) is a Refuge Chamber Service, Supply & management company. With their team of engineers who ensure increased profitability and safety. Their use of MQMS technology maximises reliability and performance https://www.wtxmining.com/


CPR Medical Devices, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of patient-responsive emergency ventilation devices based on patented technology. These unique ventilatory devices are sold around the globe by independent distributors to EMS, hospitals, professionals and first responders. https://www.cprmedic.com/