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Booster Pump

The KD-8 can also be used for filling cylinders with other non-aggressive, nonflammable, non-toxic gases (air, argon, nitrogen, etc.). The KD-8 is a noise-free two-stage double-cylindrical booster device with

• electric motor

• water cooling

• gravity water-glycerin solution

• automatic control and signal systems

Cylinders are filled by pumping oxygen from transport cylinders into subcompacts followed by injection using a booster compressor to a pressure up 25 MPa.


• Easy maintenance

• Low operational cost

• High productivity

• High compression ratio at low energy consumption

• Low weight and small dimensions

• Does not alter the structure of gases pumped

• Environmentally friendly

The compressor can operate at an ambient temperature of 1-40 0С and, at a relative air humidity of 80%, at an ambient temperature of 25 °C.