Bullard PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) particulate
filters and vapor cartridges install on PAPR (powered airpurifying respirator) systems to filter contaminants from
ambient air. They are rated based on the type of contaminant
and the percentage of contaminants removed before filtered
air reaches the worker. Filters remove dry particulates such as
dust. Cartridges remove vapors and gases such as paint
thinner and welding vapors.
• NIOSH Rating: Chlorine (CL); Chlorine Dioxide (CD);
HEPA; Hydrogen Chloride (HC); Hydrogen Fluoride (HF);
Organic Vapor (OV); Sulfur Dioxide (SD)
• Color Code: Magenta; Yellow
• Respirator Connection Type: Threaded
• Product Type: Combination Cartridge/Filter


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