SCBA P-70i



A special fireproof and comfortable harness system allows the user to choose the height of the
waist belt, and rotate the belt avoiding shifting the center of gravity and facilitating the work
for the user.P-70i is enhanced by smart onboard electronics, which provides a self-check at the
beginning of the work, warns when there is a lack of oxygen or leakage to ensure safe
breathing and monitors the team status via special RFID tags with the unique code of the user,
and also calculates the estimated working duration.With a high contrast, full-color display, user
data is plainly visible even in the most difficult environments such as darkness, bright sunlight
or smoke.

• Nominal working duration of 2 hours and effective duration – 2,5 hours.
• Positive pressure in the breathing circuit
• Lightest and smallest on the market
• Robust casing
• Simple and reliable mechanical structure based on 37 years of experience
• Possible to change cooling elements without doffing the breathing apparatus
• Automatic control and alarming system
• Estimated duration time calculation
• Personal ID card, data collection and sharing
• Ergonomic harness system
• Does not require special tools for assembling and daily maintenance


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