EcoArmor with Lamp Bracket

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EcoArmor with Lamp Bracket Safety helmet comes with lamp light and cable guide is a top-quality unique blend of durability and comfort. Head light or lamp light which is suitable for areas with low light conditions. It is specially designed for industries where adequate lightning and head protection are crucial.

Safety Helmet Eco comes ratchet design, the mechanism typically consists of a wheel or a knob located at the back of the helmet that is connected to a strap or suspension system that holds the helmet in place on the head.

To adjust the fit of the helmet using the ratchet mechanism, the wearer simply turns the wheel or knob. This action tightens or loosens the suspension system, which in turn adjusts the fit of the helmet. The ratchet mechanism allows for precise adjustments to be made, ensuring that the helmet fits snugly and comfortably on the wearer’s head

The lamp light provides ample lighting to help workers see clearly in dark or poorly lit workspaces, while the cable guide keeps the lamp’s power cable tucked in place so that with the movement of worker the cable doesn’t get tangled.

EcoArmor with Lamp Bracket mechanism for the headband of a protective helmet or other headgear minimizes the number of components while ensuring precise, reliable operation of the helmet.

The headband of these helmets is created from soft, non-irritant fabric to offer a high level of comfort to the user. The nylon ratchet is replaceable, adjustable and simple to use equipment. It includes an auto-slip mechanism to prevent breaking while yet maintaining the maximum width.

A vital piece of personal protection equipment, EcoArmor with Lamp Bracket safety helmet made for industrial use could help avoiding head injuries and increase worker safety in a number of high-risk environments

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