EcoArmor- Safety Helmet

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Here is the ideal head protection option for many industrial and construction settings: the Eco Ratchet Helmet. Without sacrificing style, this helmet is built to offer the wearer exceptional comfort, toughness, and safety. 

The Eco Ratchet Helmet has a high-quality, lightweight shell that is both strong and durable. The helmet is made to offer superior defense against threats involving penetration, impact, and electricity. Additionally, it has a special ratchet suspension system that enables quick and simple fit adjustments for maximum comfort. 

EcoArmor- Safety Helmet is designed to provide superior protection to the head of the wearer, with a range of features specifically engineered to enhance safety and comfort.  

One of the standout features of the Eco helmet is the three ribs on top, which work together to protect the head, reducing the risk of injury in the event of a fall or collision. The ribs also serve to increase the overall rigidity of the helmet, providing additional structural support that helps to maintain the integrity of the helmet during impact. 

In addition to the unique rib design, the EcoArmor- Safety Helmet is crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a lightweight but incredibly durable material that is ideal for use in protective gear. The HDPE used in the Eco helmet is virgin, which means it has not been previously used or recycled, ensuring maximum strength and reliability.  

The helmet also features a comfortable headband made from the same virgin HDPE material, which helps to keep the helmet securely in place while also providing a comfortable fit. 

To further enhance the functionality of the Eco helmet, it comes equipped with a rain channel that helps to redirect moisture away from the wearer’s face, reducing the risk of slipping or impaired vision. 

 Additionally, the helmet features attachment slots that allow for the easy installation of accessories such as lights, cameras, or communication devices, making it a versatile and practical choice for a range of outdoor activities.  

Overall, the Eco helmet is a high-performance protective solution that combines cutting-edge design with advanced materials to provide exceptional safety and comfort for the wearer. 

The Ratchet- made from Nylon, which is replaceable, adjustable, and easy to use gear. It has an auto-slip feature to stop breakage after the maximum width is achieved in it. 

The helmet is ideal for use in sectors like manufacturing, utilities, and construction. This helmet is simple to clean and maintain due to the lack of a sweatband and textile fittings. The design of the helmet also guarantees that it is adequately vented, allowing the wearer to remain comfortable and cool even in warm and muggy settings. 

A variety of users can wear the Eco Ratchet Helmet since it comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Additionally, it complies with a number of safety regulations, guaranteeing that the wearer would be adequately protected in risky situations. 

This helmet is environmentally friendly, making it a great option for businesses that place a high priority on sustainability. 

Businesses looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly head protection solution should strongly consider the EcoArmor- Safety Helmet. Experience the safety and comfort of this superb helmet by placing your order right away. 


Name EcoArmor- Safety Helmet
Brand Intech Safety
Counrty of Origin India
Material High-Density Polyethylene and Nylon Ratchet
Model Number IH-202
Warranty 1 Year from date of purchase


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