Intech® GAS MASK

Gas mask ISI without Hose Pipe with Packing


Full Face Mask can be used in conjunction with a wide range of equipment such as
Canisters, Airline Respirators, Breathing Apparatus etc.

Reusable, low maintenance respirator

Superior Quality non aging Face Mask, for long run and robust use.

Wide vision replaceable toughened visor providing 180° panoramic vision.

Separate half mask with auto demisting facility

Speech diaphragm for ease in communication

Replaceable self-locking 5 Point head strap.

Full Face Mask ISI Approved vide ISI standard IS: 14166: 1994 and BIS License No. CM/L5100135676

Mask connected to non-kink corrugated hose for belt or shoulder owned canister

Canister can be screwed on direct or through Corrugated hose as necessary

Light in weight, made of high quality thermoplastic/ choice of rubber for added comfort
during use

Designed to permit down ward head movement. Comfort seal around mask for improved

Can be easily disassembled for cleaning and part replacement.

Attachment such as Jumbo Canister, Screw-in Canister & Hose Pipe are available in a
complete set or individually.


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