Jumbo Canister

Jumbo Canister


The Jumbo Canister is intended for use in industrial settings where workers and equipment could be seriously endangered by exposure to dangerous gases. The Jumbo Canister is designed for dealing with a variety of gases, with the exception of CO and HCN, including ammonia, acid gases, and organic vapors.

For all gases other than ammonia, the Jumbo Canister is calibrated to detect gas concentrations at a volume of 10,000 ppm (1% concentration). The Jumbo Canister is calibrated to detect ammonia concentrations as high as 30,000 ppm.

The Jumbo Canister should be used for a minimum of 20 minutes before checking the gas concentration and adjusting the time as necessary.

The Jumbo Canister is perfect for usage in sectors like manufacturing and chemical processing where toxic gases are frequently present. With longevity and dependability in mind, the Jumbo Canister is constructed with premium components and cutting-edge sensor technology to guarantee precise readings and prompt notifications in the event of gas leakage.

Personnel only need to turn on the Jumbo Canister and set it close to the possible gas source to use it. In order to provide real-time feedback on the presence and quantity of gases, the Jumbo Canister will automatically detect and monitor gas concentrations.

The Jumbo Canister is trustworthy and efficient and is made for usage in industrial environments where dangerous chemicals are present. It is the best option for maintaining the safety of people and equipments in industrial settings because of its cutting-edge sensor technology, robustness, and simplicity of use.

The canister is also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where the safe and secure storage of hazardous materials is critical.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, the Jumbo Canister is an essential tool for your industry. Order yours today and experience the convenience and reliability of this high-quality storage solution.



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