Hearing Protection

Our Hearing Protection provides comfort, sense of reliability and all round hearing protection.


Uni-Fit™ Disposable Foam Ear Plugs
Soft, tapered, slow-expanding disposable foam earplugs offer easier insertion and better performance (32 NRR) than leading brands.


  • Universal size correctly fits virtually any ear canal
    Accommodates diverse workforce to simplify inventory control.
  • Slow expansion polyurethane foam that’s softer, comfortable and easier to insert
    Improves user ability to achieve correct fit and benefit from excellent attenuation.
  • Tapered shape with longer, thinner tip
    Easy to insert with adequate length to correctly insert and remove plug.
  • Smooth surface and low pressure foam
    Provides extremely high comfort level.
  • Choice of work-friendly, refillable dispensers for uncorded plugs
    Encourages compliance and saves space.
  • High visibility orange color in corded and uncorded plugs
    Easy to see and monitor worker compliance.
  • Multilingual packaging: English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
    Assures proper usage information is available where the plugs are dispensed.


Available corded and uncorded in easy-to-use dispenser box

32 NRR (ANSI) and 37 SNR (CE)
Protection Level: 96—106 dB